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This Is How You Play

Having two boys on the Spectrum creates certain challenges when it comes to social interaction. Each of them has their own “thing” that they would rather do alone. I have had to teach my children how to play! The easiest way was to be a kid myself. I‘ve had to put on my “act like a child hat” to create opportunities for play to happen. This has meant many hours rolling on the floor, spinning around to make them laugh, or making weird animal sounds just to get a reaction. My fondest memories are of playing freeze dance, musical chairs, and duck-duck-goose! While my old knees makes it that much harder to jump from sitting on the floor to running around in a circle, they seem to get a kick out of my struggle. But hey, that’s why I’m here, to be the model. If that means they laugh at me – so be it. They are laughing and having fun. That’s the point! Find time to be goofy. Throw out the rules and just have fun. Let your child be your guide.


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