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Autism and Depression

There is no other way to put this. This is a dark topic and one that I am struggling with right now with my son with autism. He has been extremely sad since we moved from the only home that he has ever known. He has lost interest and joy in most things, even the things he likes the most. I’ve read about warning signals of depression, like new loss of interest in daily activities and extreme social distancing - more than usual. These were all the signals that I had been seeing with him. Something suggested was to keep surrounding him with things he used to enjoy on the chance that he may like them again. Keep presenting him with opportunities for fun and laughter so that he does not think that everything is all bad and never ending. I have made his favorite meals, ordered from his favorite restaurants, taken him to amusement parks, played games with him - doing as much as I can to interject happiness. Now, all I can do is wait.

What I have found is that time is the healer - time and persistence. I just have to keep trying and trying and trying and trying. I have to keep letting him know that I love him, even if he does not say it back. I have to keep hugging him and smiling at him and loving him through this. I must have faith that he will be happy again.

For parents struggling with a child on the spectrum who is sad, keep your hopes up. Shower them with love. Surround them with joy. Know that eventually, “this too shall pass.” It may take months, but with time, it will pass. Stay encouraged and remember their smiling faces. You will see it again.

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