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A Funny

Every now and then, Autism is funny! So, I have two boys on the spectrum and they each have different communication styles. One is very literal and sometimes confuses the meaning of words. For example, I was doing my morning ritual of quiet time for 10 minutes. I pray and think about all the “stuff” rattling around in my brain. Then I try to clear my mind and be still toward a more meditative state. While doing this, my son comes into the room. I asked if he could leave because I was meditating. His response was, “So you’re trying to float?”

This is just one of the examples of pure comedy. Autism is not always the gloom and doom. Of course, there are those days when you feel like you have literally been through a war zone complete with exploding grenades at every turn. Then, there are those times when your child does something because of his autism that is simply funny. Find those moments and hold on to them. Once you begin to look for the “funnys”, you just might see them more often.


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