Written by Dr. Nikko Da Paz & Olabisi Thompson
Illustrated by Olabisi Thompson

Dr. Nikko Da Paz unboxing Mommy, What Is Autism? books!


“Expert Advice! A delightful example of a relationship between two brothers Meely and Papi, but Meely has questions about his brother's behaviors. Mommy lovingly explains to Meely that Papi has Autism. When Papi has a meltdown at the store, Mommy steps in to help Papi through it by using a counting method. This is a story of a sweet family living with Autism. At the end of the story, Dr. Da Paz gives her expert advice about Autism, calming down, ideas and intervention. This book is the whole package and I really enjoyed it!


- Martin L.


“I must share! I had my granddaughter (diagnosed with Autism) listen to the introduction and she said, ‘I have that. My brain thoughts rush in too fast.’ I cried. But this is so perfect. It helped her understand too.


❤️❤️You are AMAZING ❤️❤️”


- Valerie A.


"Omg so excited to FINALLY be able to share this book written by two amazing women about Autism!! This is a beautiful way to teach kids about love, kindness and acceptance. Please pick up a copy and spread the word."

- Lindsey R.


"Everyone, please check out and purchase this book! I am so excited to read a children's book of a Black family talking about Autism. 


I know Momma Nikko personally. She has raised an incredible daughter and is actively raising two wonderful boys. She's truly an inspiration."

- Breeshia W.

Customer Feedback

Papi and Meely are the best of brothers. They enjoy a lot of the same things but they are different too. Meely notices that, sometimes, his big brother does things that he does not understand. Meely and Mommy have a heart-to-heart and she explains, "Your brother has Autism." Dr. Nikko Da Paz, BCBA offers a simple way to explain Autism to young children while also providing parents with behavior management tips and tools.

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