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CARES™ Autism PAREnt trainer


CARES™ Consulting is Committed to Autism Research and Education Solutions. The purpose of CARES™ is to provide much needed help to parents/caregivers and support them in their journey with Autism. CARES™ provides applied behavior analysis therapy, social skills training, and parent Autism and ABA educational training. Because we understand the importance of the family unit, our programs not only target the child with Autism, but also the whole family.

The CARES™ Autism Parent Trainer will deliver essential training to parents on topics of Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis. This position focuses on helping parents understand their child's diagnosis and how to effectively manage any challenging behaviors they might encounter.


  • Deliver Parent Orientation to new parents covering CARES™ Policies

  • Deliver weekly Parent Training Modules both in-home and via Zoom

  • Facilitate Parent Groups both in-person and via Zoom

  • Maintain accurate records of Parent Training attendance and Module completion

  • Update Training Modules as needed


Skills & Experience

  • Experience implementing ABA to children with Autism

  • Experience delivering group presentations

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to empathize with parents experiencing challenges with their child with Autism

  • Proficiency with office management technologies like the Microsoft Office Suite as well as the G Suite (specifically Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slides)

  • Excellent organizational skills and a proactive mindset

Salary & Benefits

  • Optional Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage

  • Starting at $18 hr

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